Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

For this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge, I chose a sunrise on the southeastern shores of Bali seen earlier this week, and three people who were out to greet the sun.


Before anyone arrives, a low tide leaves ribbed sand formations behind as the sun makes its presence known over the horizon.


As the sky softens, a fisherman wearing a helmet wades out into the shallows that seem to stretch on forever.


A young lady walks out to a pavilion to enjoy the experience from the water’s edge.


For a brief moment the sky is a pallet of reds and purples, as a young man walks out to a different pavilion with the same idea.


Comfortably seated, the young woman gazes out to sea.


The young man takes a standing pose, and practices tai chi in the sun’s early glow.


Meanwhile, the fisherman works for his morning’s haul. He tosses a rock out to sea in an effort to chase fish towards him, then pounces upon them with a netted basket. In the distance Mount Agung, an active volcano and the highest point on Bali, dominates the horizon. As the sun rises up and casts its bright red glow onto the water, the fisherman crosses its beam and continues on his way.




For each of these people, the sunrise held a different meaning and purpose — one meditative, one exercising, one plying his trade. For me, watching each of these people and their experience of daybreak, it was, in every way, a Good Morning.

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9 replies

  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely picture of a sunrise. I truly appreciate it, as I mostly sleep through it.

  2. Beautiful pictures in a beautiful paradise.

  3. Unusual photos of a time of the day that few of us see! Looks like a good place to continue your R&R……..

  4. I always find it fascinating how nature produces such vibrant and varied colors–and with such brevity!

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