Florida: R&R with M&M

After several weeks in Europe and nearly three months on the road in the great American West, from Alaska through Washington and Oregon to Southern California; from Arizona to Nevada; through Utah, across Idaho and Wyoming had been a time of many splendours, but it had also left us exhausted. We’d driven nearly 7,000 miles and spent most of our nights sleeping in a tent. For much of it we’d had no access to hot water, let alone electricity or the modern comforts of things like fridges and ceiling fans and WiFi. Though I daresay we had the desire — and indeed the resolve — to keep going for another month (we left so much of our wish list unattended to!), anyone who looked at us, to say nothing of anyone who caught a whiff of us, would have told us to take a break at this point. Enter Mitch and Marla.

There aren’t enough letters on the keyboard to express the depth of gratitude and love we have for them for putting us up (and putting up with us) during this spell. It will hopefully get me a fraction of the way there, though, to say that what was intended to be a one-week layover quietly morphed into a three-and-a-half-week immersion in bliss.

It was here, in their home, that we were able to do every last bit of relaxing, recharging, rejuvenating, reviving, replenishing (and all the other re- verbs you find on glass doors of the world’s most expensive spas) we desired. But more than that, we were able to be part of a family again, especially when Meg’s brother Ryan flew down from New York to be with us for 5 days to help us celebrate Meg’s 30th birthday.

Happy birthday Meggy!

There were nights in pubs, of dancing and ending up in the pool fully clothed, there were long days and warm nights and all the research we needed to do for the next leg of the trip, there were yoga classes and spa days for the girls (during which the boys may or may not have snuck out to the occasional junk food drive through), there were dinners and beach walks and nights with grandma and snorkeling and dog races and movies and so much more. It was a time of eating, drinking, and being merry to say the very least. But what it meant to us and to the trip was so much more profound than that.





M&M: the kindnesses you bestowed on us in Florida are too numerous to list, but for each one of them we are forever humbled and so grateful. After we left you (with heavy hearts both, and more than a few tears in Meg’s case) we were blessed and rested and ready for the nearly 40 hours it took us to get to Bali, thanks to you.

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  1. It was our absolute pleasure to have you here with us! We feel honored you choose to stay for over 3 weeks! Having our Home FULL again, especially having Ry here too for 5 days, was a real blast for us Peanuts! We enjoyed spoiling you as much as you enjoyed the spoils! 🙂 Knowing that we sent you out again refreshed and CLEAN onto your next amazing adventure and knowing Ryan is back in NYC loving his life, makes it easier to adjust to this EMPTY NEST again…but
    there is no coffee smell in the morning Kev, there are no tea/water cups all around the place Meg, and the Oatmeal bars are not dwindling away anymore and I am eating all of them by myself! Miss you so very much but our hearts are smiling because we know you are together having a journey of a lifetime! Enjoy every minute! xox

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