New York, Day Becomes Night

It’s a rare, beautiful, exciting, and sad privilege to say goodbye to New York City — even if only for a short time.

The unusually cold and rainy weather over Memorial Day weekend did little to help in the way of getting out and taking those last few photographs of New York we felt compelled to scramble to take.

Each of the shots below — a sampling of views of (or from) downtown Manhattan by morning, afternoon, evening and finally night time — is special to us in its own way. Though they may seem mediocre in their own right, each has a story to tell… A story too self-indulgent, too inside joke-ish to retell here, but these very recent pictures are a way of closing out this chapter on New York, and opening up the chapter that lies ahead.

We’ve taken a year off work to travel; our first stop is Paris, where we’ll be from 6th-11th June. We’ll be updating this website frequently — so please check back often, and be sure to follow us on Twitter @realmsofwhere.

IMG_1734 IMG_1730 IMG_1578 IMG_1832 IMG_1878 IMG_1883 IMG_1753ny night 1 ny night 2

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3 replies

  1. Kevin and Megan, Ron shared the link to your blog, so we will be keeping tabs on you as you travel. We are so happy for your next exciting adventure, but a little sad that you will be leaving NYC. Ron will miss his dear friends! Thank you so much for your hospitality over the years. We are hoping one day your travels will take you to the Midwest…after you are through with the more glamorous and exotic destiniations! We wish you many blessings as you travel God’s beautiful world!
    Hugs to you both,
    Dave and Judie
    (Dave wants to know if the key will be under the mat in September…:)

  2. Wish you guys all the best as you make this journey across the world with each other. It’s a very special experience for two very special people. All the best and look forward to living vicariously through you.

  3. We know that you two are doing the right thing at the right time! You will be spending more time together in the next year than you have done so far in your marriage, and we know you will be delighted as you get the opportunity to explore one another as much as you explore all the new exciting places you will be visiting. Have a really fantastic time together. We are also so looking forward to seeing you in South Africa during your travels. All our love

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